Deep Cleaning Services

Deep Cleaning Services

Spring time is just right around the corner…and its time to do some spring cleaning, and yet still no time to do it. Does this sound like familiar? Don’t worry, we hear this all the time and we are here to help you take care of that.

What most consider spring cleaning is what we call our deep clean. This is where we really dive deep into our work and get your home super clean, get the areas and spots that get overlooked throughout the year. 

We recommend getting a  Deep Cleaning Services 1 to 2 times a year in order to capture the hidden dust in all the nooks and crannies. We always suggest when first starting out with us to schedule a deep cleaning right off the bat to ensure everything is cleaned properly and can spend more time on the little things when we come in to do a standard cleaning. 

Standard Cleaning Services vs. Deep Cleaning Services

Our standard cleaning is basically maintenance for the deep cleaning. The deep cleaning is a lot more in depth,  focused and detailed oriented. Since there is literally more ground to cover on a Deep Cleaning Services we spend a lot more time at your home to get many of the little things that we just don’t have time to get during a standard cleaning.  Deep cleaning your home 1 -2 times a year,  gives us a great baseline and standard of how clean your home should be after every standard cleaning. 

We know from time to time there are extras that come along the way that need extra attention, and typically 9 out of 10 times we just take care of it while we are taking care of the standard cleaning. If it is something that is going to require too much time, we will bring it to your attention and come up with a solution, otherwise consider it taken care of.

Our Deep Cleaning Services will include doing a deep cleaning on the baseboards, blinds, light fixture, decorations, picture frames, inside windows, tv’s, window sills, patios, HVAC vents, light cover, outlets, detailed ceiling fans, vacuum closets, soap scum, tile cleaning, and that places that need that extra attention and elbow grease like hard to remove stains.

Our stand cleaning does overlap a little, such as blinds; a light dusting of fans and blinds, light dusting light fixtures….basically everything gets a minimum of a light dusting, however, with a Deep Cleaning Services we know what has been cleaned, what needs to be cleaned and what had been cleaned. This allows us to maximize and focus our time during the standard cleaning to areas that need to most attention.

At the end of the day, we want to make sure we do the best job we can do for you by leaving your home clean, safe and healthy! We want you to come home to your Chemical-Free Sanctuary to relax and enjoy what really matters to you! You leave the rest up to us!  We got this!

What is included in a Zero Chem Deep Cleaning?

A Deep Cleaning Services includes everything that our standard cleaning with the addition to baseboards, in depth blind cleaning, wiping down walls, doors, light and outlet switches, cleaning of house decorations, tv’s, picture frames, HVAC vents, deep cleaning of ceiling fans, dusting of plants, bookshelves, inside windows, wiping of window sills, wiping of furniture, vacuum/mop under furniture. (Incudes everything in Standard Cleaning)

Our process doesn’t change. Whether we are doing a standard cleaning or a deep cleaning, we use the same ZeroChem 3Ply Process in every application we do. We use absolutely Zero Chemicals and basically clean your home 3 times every time we clean for you. 

We recommend doing a deep cleaning 1-2 times a year, this allows us to come in and do a standard cleaning as frequent as you like in order to keep your house  looking great all year around. 


Deep Cleaning Services Includes:

  • Includes all the basic of the Standard House Cleaning
  • Baseboards
  • In depth blind cleaning
  • In depth ceiling fans
  • Dusting of plants
  • Book shelves
  • Inside windows
  • HVAC vents
  • Decorations
  • Picture frames
  • Outlets/light switches
  • Sweep/Mop under furniture
  • Wipe furniture
  • ZeroChem 3Ply Process

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ZeroChem 3Ply Process

Our process is not only unique because we use Zero Chemicals, but our process also includes a three step process. As you have learned before that our patented technology produces 7 types of waters, ranging from drinking water to strong disinfecting water. Each of the types of water has its own place and holds its own weight for different uses. Some have called this magic water, we will let you be the judge of that.

Our process includes touching each surface a minimum of three times, YES, your house is basically getting cleaned three times in one cleaning. What we mean by that is that we use three types of water on each surface, leaving it clean, disinfected and shining. After each cleaning we fish up the whole house by going through everything we cleaned and spritzing each room throughout the house to add an extra level of disinfecting. ie; furniture, bedding, curtains, fixtures, toys, etc..

Step 1 - 11.5ph

Everything is wiped and cleaned with a 11.5 pH water that cuts through grease, dirt and grime. We use this type on countertops, floors and all surfaces to be sure and get the hidden dirt and hard to reach spots. We use this particular water to take out those hard to remove spots and stains. ie; hard to remove stains.

Step 2 - 2.5 pH

Once the surfaces and areas are cleaned, then our 2.5 pH Strong disinfectant water is used to disinfect all areas cleaned. This ensures bacteria and germs are killed within 30 seconds of contact. We also use this water to spritz the whole house including bedding, furniture, toys, cabinets and more…

Step 3 - 4.5-6.0pH

Our final pass is with a type of water that ranges from a 4.5 to 6.0 pH water that gives the particular surface a shine with its proper pH. For example: Wood floors are going to be treated differently than tile floors. Another example is that we use 4.5 ph water for glass, mirrors to leave streak free surfaces.

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