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Join ZeroChem: Welcome to Zero Chem Cleaning Services! We are so glad you are here and want to learn more about our company. We have a developed a unique, effective, safe & healthy process of cleaning. ZeroChem Cleaning was inspired by our parent company, which we have owned for over 8 years. For 8 years now, we have been showing families how to improve their health and their lifestyles with our amazing 50-year-old patented Japanese technology. We wanted to create an additional resource for people to be able to experience the benefits of our technology. After years of consideration, we decided what better way to help people and improve their lives then to go directly into their homes and do it for them! This is when ZeroChecm Cleaning was born!

Not only are we changing the lives of our customers, we are changing the lives of our employees. If you have spent any time in the cleaning industry, you know the exposure to traditional house cleaning chemicals can potentially be harmful to your health. We are changing the cleaning industry and improving the work environment by removing the use harmful chemicals from homes, offices & medical facilities. Knowing that our employees are no longer exposed to potentially damaging chemicals confirms that we have created an amazing company that improves the health our customers and our employees.

We have developed an amazing company with an amazing team. We offer very competitive compensation plans, advancement opportunities ad well as an equipment ownership program (after 90 days).  We are looking to build our team of dedicated cleaners that care about the environment, care about their health & care about the well-being of others. If you love what you do and are ready to make a change with the most revolutionary cleaning process in the industry, then we want to hear from you!!

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Curious About How We Can Clean with Zero Chemicals?

Checkout this short video that has allowed us to help thousands of people over the last 8 years!!! Our technology is not only for house cleaning, it is amazing for your body. We have adopted this patented technology to our cleaning business, which allows us the ability to  bring it directly to consumers, business owners, medical facilities & medical professionals. This technology has been used in thousands of hospitals for the last 50 years, its time to share this medical grade water with the rest of the World! 

You are about experience a short 10 minute video that has changed our lives forever! We are excited for you to learn more and Join ZeroChem!! We look forward to hearing from you!


"We Don't Know What We Don't Know, But When We Know Better, We Can Do Better"